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Community Engagement and Planning

At the heart of our project is a deep commitment to inclusive, community-driven resilience solutions. We are working closely with communities to co-create tailored resilience strategies that address each community's unique needs and priorities. By centering community engagement and local leadership, we strive to ensure that resilience solutions are equitable, sustainable, and responsive to the lived experiences of those most impacted by climate change.


Establish inclusive, collaborative processes to co-create tailored resilience strategies with diverse local stakeholders, and ensure the strategies are equitable and responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable.

Foster ongoing dialogue and knowledge-sharing between communities to facilitate peer-to-peer learning around equitable climate resilience strategies.

Build the capacity of community organizations and local government to access funding, navigate regulatory processes, and implement resilience projects.



We're in the process of adding projects to our website that showcase our work with communities across the coast. Check back soon!
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