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What We Do

We're working with coastal communities to build a future informed by data, guided by strategy, and empowered by knowledge. Our work is organized around three core pillars: environmental sensors and decision support tools, community engagement and planning, and K-12 education and workforce development.

Environmental Sensors and Decision Support Tools

We're deploying a network of sensors throughout coastal Georgia to monitor environmental conditions and predict inundation in real time. We're also developing tools to visualize and explore that data, empowering local officials, practitioners, and community members to make informed, risk-based decisions to bolster community resilience.


Community Engagement and Planning

Through collaborative engagement with communities and other stakeholders, we craft resilience strategies that prioritize equity, empowerment, and adaptability in the face of climate change. This inclusive approach ensures the strategies are tailored to the unique needs of each community we partner with. We also support organizations that serve marginalized communities in building organizational capacity.


K-12 Education and Workforce Development

We're developing K-12 programs to increase understanding of climate resilience and providing equitable education opportunities for underserved youth across coastal Georgia. We're also working to build capacity in the local workforce, empowering communities with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, mitigate, and adapt to environmental hazards.

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