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Pin Point Resilience Projects



Jill Gambill

Pin Point Betterment Association, Georgia Tech, Harambee House

Partnering with the Pin Point Betterment Association, we are facilitating community-led resilience projects in the historic Gullah Geechee community of Pin Point, GA.

Pin Point is a small and historic Gullah Geechee community in unincorporated Chatham County, GA. Gullah Geechee people are the descendants of Africans who were enslaved on rice, indigo, and cotton plantations and isolated barrier islands along the Southeast coast. Their unique culture includes distinctive food, music, crafts, language, and traditions that reflect a deep African heritage. Since January 2023, in partnership with the Pin Point Betterment Association, we have been facilitating community-led planning in Pin Point to enhance resilience to climate change, severe weather events, and coastal development.

To effectively identify and prioritize the community's challenges and opportunities, the project draws from previous visioning efforts in Pin Point and incorporates continuous input from residents and descendants through monthly community meetings. These gatherings provide a platform for the community to voice their concerns and propose solutions, ensuring that the process remains inclusive and reflective of the community's needs. The primary issues identified include traffic calming, power outages, flooding, aging and failing septic systems, protection of heirs' properties, access to healthcare and healthy food, youth engagement, and job training.

The implementation phase is now underway, managed by an Ad Hoc Committee composed of Pin Point community members. This committee oversees diverse resilience projects, such as community-wide hurricane season preparations. With grant funding, the committee arranged for the pruning of dead and weakened tree branches and the removal of trees posing a direct, imminent threat to structures. These efforts help reduce power outages and potential storm damage. Through this collaborative approach, we aim to strengthen Pin Point's resilience while preserving its rich cultural heritage.

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