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Effingham College & Career Academy at Honey Ridge Agri Center Sensor Network

People sitting at tables in front of laptops, with a farm and tractors in the background.
ECCA Computer Science teachers Nicholas Exley (left) and Jack Sinopoli (second from right) helping students program micro:bits at the Honey Ridge Agri Center.

Dr. Russ Clark of Georgia Tech, Jack Sinopoli and Nicholas Exley of Effingham College and Career Academy, and students from Effingham College & Career Academy (ECCA) visited Honey Ridge Agri Center to work on the sensor network project in February 2024. The Computer Science and Scientific Research students programmed micro:bits to capture temperature and light level data. They participated in a 30-minute field study that allowed them to analyze temperature and light quality readings throughout various locations on the farm. Honey Ridge Agri Center is one of several locations where the CEAR Hub environmental sensors are deployed. The collaboration between ECCA and CEAR Hub is allowing students to engage in STEM/STEAM projects outside of the traditional classroom to explore, connect, control, and collect data. Students are able analyze data in real time to determine and discover weather changes and identify the impact these changes have on the environment.


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