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CEISMC Savannah and CEAR Hub celebrate Earth Day

CEISMC Savannah and the Coastal Equity and Resilience (CEAR) Hub participated in the 24th annual Earth Day Savannah festival, an annual event that celebrates environmental sustainability and conservation efforts in the Savannah community. The City of Savannah Office of Sustainability and the Lite Foot Environmental Foundation hosted this year’s festival with the theme “Healthy Planet Healthy People” to highlight the connection between human health and the environment. The event brings together individuals, organizations, and businesses that are committed to protecting the planet and promoting eco-friendly practices. Earth Day Savannah offers a variety of educational and interactive activities, workshops, and demonstrations on topics such as composting, recycling, and renewable energy. It also features a wide range of vendors offering eco-friendly products and services.

The CEISMC/CEAR Hub booth provided a floodplain simulator which allowed children to design a town and then test how rainfall runoff impacted their designs; depending on if they conserve wetlands, install retention ponds, or build impervious surfaces. Children also had an opportunity to see how the Sea Level Sensors and purple air monitor's work; and enjoy climate change fun fact coloring sheets.


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