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Savannah State CEAR Hub Internships



Savannah State University

Savannah State University offers undergraduate students CEAR Hub internships in the Community Engagement Lab to build the skills and abilities to further their professional development.

Savannah State University hosts CEAR Hub undergraduate student interns in the Community Engagement Lab to assist with the development of cultural heritage and marine science education curriculum, as well as community outreach. Through this program, interns can strengthen their leadership abilities, independence, and time management skills to help prepare them for their future career. We aim to provide real hands-on job experience to students through CEAR Hub research, education, and community engagement events. 

Upon beginning the internship, students will design a project that aligns with their degree focus and the CEAR Hub mission. They will spend time working on these projects under the mentorship of Dr. Victoria Young and CEAR Hub Education Outreach Coordinator Rachael Buskirk. By the end of the internship, students will have produced reports, curriculum, and other outreach materials that can be used in community engagement events and K-12 education. Collaboration with community partners is often essential for their projects.

We also provide students with opportunities for networking and collaboration through connections to CEAR Hub partners and Savannah State University faculty and staff. Interns are encouraged to participate in all CEAR Hub activities as well as general educational outreach events.

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