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Little Ogeechee River, credit: Library of Congress

The Coastal Equity and Resilience (CEAR) Hub is working to help communities across coastal Georgia reduce the impacts of extreme weather and climate change.

About the CEAR Hub

Coastal flooding, extreme heat, and other climate hazards are growing threats to communities throughout Georgia’s coast. These threats are especially critical for historically marginalized groups, who often face the most severe impacts and have the least ability to cope.

CEAR Hub is a project that joins community organizations, local governments, and educational institutions together to develop the knowledge, tools, and strategies that make our communities more resilient. CEAR Hub partners work alongside members of vulnerable communities to create fair and just solutions to the climate challenges through community-led research, training, and outreach.

CEAR Hub Pillars

Environmental Sensor Network & Decision Support Tools

Deploy internet-connected water level and air quality sensors throughout the Georgia coast.

Develop forecast model to predict flood events at a hyper-local level.


Create tools for viewing sensor data, flood predictions, and model forecasts to support decision-makers and community members.

Community engagement

Community Support & Engagement

Support local organizations that serve frontline, marginalized communities in building organizational capacity.

Promote equity and resilience across the Georgia coast by coordinating workshops, trainings, and meetings and strengthening partnerships.

Assist local governments in resilience planning, including engaging marginalized communities in policy development and the planning process.


K-12 Education & Workforce Development

Create equitable education opportunities for underserved and underrepresented youth living in coastal Georgia.

Develop K-12 programs to increase understanding of sea level rise, coastal ecology, disaster mitigation, environmental justice, and climate resilience.

Provide workforce development training in information technology and other sectors related to environmental justice, environmental hazards, and community advocacy.

CEAR Hub Partners

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